Story of Ajamila in Bhagavatam

Once, there lived a brahmin named Ajamila in Kanyakubja town. One day, while collecting Darbha grass for his prayers, he spotted a prostitute.

Veda Vyasa: The author of Mahabharata

Once, a fisher woman named Kali ferried Sage Parashara across the river. Anticipating the future, Sage Parashara said- “You must deliver a son.”

How Mahavir preached Jainism?

Mahavir’s very first teaching was non-violence. Jains oppose all forms of violence. Hence they avoid eating root vegetables.

How Kalidas becomes a Sanskrit Scholar?

Kalidas was endowed with blessings by the goddess of learning which was reflected in his remarkable representation of ideas and delicate portrayal of nature.

Why Bathe in the month of Magha?

Aditi, the mother of Devas, observed a fast for 12 years on Makara Sankranti. As a result, she bore 12 sons who illuminated the three worlds.

Spread of the Buddhist movement

Gautama Buddha delivered his first sermon in Benaras, Sarnath to a group of monks during the month of Ashadha (full moon day).