Bhadra helps Krishna in his search

“What are you finding?” When someone bends down and examines the gaps between grasses, one should understand that the person is searching something.

Krishna’s service to holy men

Sometimes even holy men may pass by the forest. Besides they keep visiting the Nanda Bhavan. Baba and Maiya worship them with great reverence and love.

Krishna presses Sakha Bhadra’s feet

Everything has a solution, but for Kanhai, there is no solution. We can never predict when what enters his mind. Kanhai can anytime hold someone’s hand.

Krishna becomes a dance-trainer

Try asking Kanhai- “Can you do this one thing?” There is a default answer on his tongue- “Shall I do it?” He doesn’t know how to say ‘No.’

Krishna plucks mango for his friend

“Dada!”- As a child, Kanhai has been sitting on Vishala’s shoulders. The gopikas mockingly know Vishala as “The horse of Krishna.”

Baby Krishna rescues his Bull

The word ‘No’ is not present in Krishna’s dictionary. Even if someone wants to have a star for himself, Kanhai will delightfully nod his head.

Krishna’s gift for Bhadra

“What is there in my fist?”- Kanhai is very happy today. He went running to Bhadra. Extending his closed fist, he is asking in style.

Little Sakhas put Krishna to sleep

Kanhai doesn’t accept service so easily. I must say- He has made up his mind only to serve people. He should only serve- and serve everybody.