Nanda Maharaja and Krishna’s Love

Nanda Baba is one of a kind. Truly, He never knew of his position and power. For him, the title of Vrajaraj simply means being everybody’s obedient servant.

Lord Krishna Stories of Vrindavan

Krishna can tease a friend any moment. In fact, He keeps teasing Sridama. While playing, Krishna often refuses to fulfil his stake.

Concept of Spiritual World

Philosophers and Vedic scriptures call this visible material world a dream. Its expansions, past present, future, time, place, substance are all dream in play. This creation of Brahma’s will is his fantasy world, dream world. Even, Brahma Himself, is the product of a dream. Let us discuss this some other time.

Where is Krishna’s Goloka located?

You would be curious to know about Golok? In this context, we already find the description of Swarga, Naraka, Brahma lok, Vaikuntha and other planetary systems.