Little Krishna bathes in Yamuna River

Sakhaon ka Kanhaiya- Story 11


“Dada, Will you bathe?” Kanhai came running to his elder brother and standing towards his left side, wrapped both his arms around his brother’s neck. Resting his head on his shoulder, he is very lovingly asking.

“Bath?”- Dau slightly turned his head. He knows the meaning of this asking. Shyam sundar wants to bathe. Since his very childhood on just finding water, he enjoys tossing in it. If the water is fit for bathing then his mind grows restless to bathe. But Maiya has time and again refused to bathe somewhere in the Yamuna or pond. Maiya has warned the Sakhas to stop Kanhai from entering the waters. Hence, none of the Sakhas shall support him. Now, if Dau dada wants to bathe, then shyam can bathe along, no one will stop him. Then all sakhas shall support him.

Krishna Chandra pointed towards the Yamuna- “How clean is the water? You are also sweating.” It is summers. The thing is that only the first hour of the day has passed. But in summers the heat starts just a little while after sunrise. The children have come to the forest to graze the calves. They have been jumping and playing. It is normal to sweat nowadays. Tiny sweat drops glimmer on Dau and Shyam’s beautiful faces. The shore is clean. The Kalindi waters are clear and it is not deep far beyond the shore. If you find such waters then who won’t feel like taking summer bath and the one who already has the previous samskaras of Matsya, Kurma and Varaha, if his mind jumps on seeing water, is it astonishing?

Dau Dada (Balaram) gives permission

“Will you bathe?”– Dau lovingly stroked his younger brothers curls with his right hand and gave permission-“Come, we all shall bathe, but don’t go beyond the shore.” Kanhai quickly removed his Patuka, opened his Kachni and left it there itself. He removed the forest flower garland from his neck and immersed it in Yamuna’s flow and saw his garland sweeping in the waters with enchanted eyes. The kids had already made their calves drink water. The calves busily grazed the green grass, jumped and played near the shore. Dau too removed his Patuka and Kachni and immersed his garland in the waters, then all the children came near him. Everybody removed their clothes. All immersed their garlands in the waters and stood gazing. A troop of naked children stand on the shore. All are just 3 to 6 years old. On the bright shore everybody’s colorful patukas and Kachnis lie scattered behind. The children have kept their flutes, sticks and bugles there itself.

“There goes my garland!”-All are busy watching the flowing garlands. The garlands touch each other, meet and then again separate in the currents. The children are enjoying this. There are Anklets on feet, waist belt on waist, pearl necklace on chest, bangles on hands, armlets on arms, earrings on ears, kohl on eyes, tilak on forehead, and flowers-garlands on their curls. All look almost similar in Shringar. All have placed the feathers of their hair near their clothes. When the flowing garlands swept afar, then Dau holding his younger brother’s hands entered the waters. All the children entered the waters almost at the same time. No one has to go deep. Just next to the shore, till their knees, all sit in the waters and then sleep towards their stomach.

If children bathe, they ought to be naughty. They stamp their feet, they splash water on each other with their hands, and someone stands up.

“Dada! Shall I give you a bath?”– Kanhai doesn’t need permission. He has started rubbing his elder brother’s back and arms. “You don’t go in!”– Shyamsundar handles Tok and Anshu. He is busy washing the hair, back and arms of his younger friends. All keep washing his and Dau’s body. “Your face hasn’t been washed at all!” It is nice excuse to splash someone’s face and raising sprinkles it is natural to start splashing water with both hands and hit hands on water. “Now all come out”-Dau had to order and he himself came out of the water. He held Shyam’s hand and brought him out. Drops drip from everybody’s hair. Being wet, everybody’s eyes have turned a bit red. All have wet-clean bodies. Small children don’t even know to tie their kachni. Holding the Kachni in his hands, Shyam stands before his elder brother. Drops drip from his curls. Wet transcendental body. Naked Nanda Nandana. His large eyes have turned a bit red. There is immense beauty. After tying his blue Kachni, Dau sits near his younger brother to tie him his Kachni.

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