Butterfly troubles Krishna

Sakhaon ka Kanhaiya- Story 2


Butterfly on Kanhai’s Finger

One day both Ram (Balarama) and Shyam (Kanhai) came and stood outside the door. As soon as they stood a butterfly from no-where came and sat on Dau’s curly hair. How can our little Kanhai bear to see a fallen creature sit on his elder brother’s head; so he raised his hand to shoo the butterfly away. It flew from Dau’s head, but sat on Kanhai right hand’s middle finger instead. Such tender and reddish fingers, where can that butterfly find such soft, beautiful and fragrant hands to sit. Now Shyam is in a dilemma, what to do with this yellow butterfly who sits on his finger? He looks at his elder brother and raises his hand, as if telling him to drive this from here. Dau’s work is not to shoo creatures away from Kanhai, instead help creatures reach Kanhai. Leave shooing the butterfly, he was rejoicing to see the butterfly sit on his younger brother’s finger. He clapped and shook his head and started laughing. Kanhai is worried about his finger and the butterfly sitting on his finger, he wants to anyhow remove the butterfly. If Daudada doesn’t do it surely Bhadra may. He goes near Bhadra keeping his hand in the same position, but Bhadra too clapped and became happy, he even started dancing. All the Sakhas also started laughing and dancing. Kanhai is in a dilemma and nobody is removing the butterfly from his finger. This butterfly is so firmly stuck to his finger, that it doesn’t even move its wings.

Autumn Butterflies

The monsoon season has passed. There are clear clouds, clean ground, and because it is the arrival of autumn the whole ground has decorated itself with brown leaves, small flowers have started smiling on twigs, for the butterflies, this season is like a grand festival. They fly over one flower and sit on the other flower. Blue-yellow-black-red, colorful, big small butterflies, are all dancing and playing. But fortunate is this butterfly, maybe today the sun of its great good deeds has risen. In the early morning it flew towards the Nanda dwara. Just then from the Nand-Bhavan several children came out. Sweet and tender, most beautiful, fair-dark, some fat-some thin small-small children are all laughing and happy, such beautiful flowers where can this butterfly ever find. All the children have just eaten their breakfast. From 1-1/2 to 3 year old children, some are without clothes and some wear Dhoti on their waists of different colors, everybody’s eyes are smeared with Kajal, their curls are greased with oil, there are dots of kajal on their forehead. Their feet, arms, neck, waist-belt, bangles and pearl necklaces have tinkling ornaments. Their bodies are now clean and shiny.

Such blooming and moving flowers-the butterfly flew and sat on Dau’s curly hair, and when Shyam extended his hand towards the butterfly, it flew from Dau’s hair curls and sat on Shyam’s finger. If Dau’s hair curls have fragrance then Shyam’s fingers have both fragrance and vibrant colors. It sat firmly on the finger. But if that butterfly sits on such a perfect throne and doesn’t move at all, won’t his fellow butterflies, companions and colleagues feel envious? There are so many other butterflies as well, why must they only roam here and there, so a full flight of butterflies came rushing, small-big, yellow-white-blue-red and many more colorful butterflies flocked and sat on the curls, shoulders, arms, and even on the fingers of the children. Kanhai was now shocked, even other children were shocked. Till now only one butterfly was sitting on Shyam’s finger, but now there are many butterflies of different colors on almost all his body parts. If these butterflies would have sat only on Shyam’s armlet then it would have been a normal thing, but they are sitting not only on Dau’s armlet but also on Tok and other Sakhas’ armlets. Shyam didn’t like all this, but how to drive them away? When one child tries to shoo the butterflies, by helping the second child, the butterfly sitting on the second child sits on the first one. Like the butterflies have no fear. Whether they have fear or not, but the little children are feeling a bit suffocated. Everybody stopped dancing and jumping as they have got stuck in this new trouble.

“Maiya re! Maiya!”-Kanhai called. Now only if Maiya comes can she remove these small creatures away from their bodies. – “Now what is it?”-Maiya Yashoda, Rohini Ma and other Gopikas in the palace asked in chorus and rushed out to see why their Neelmani (Kanhai) is calling them? As soon as Maiya came to the door, she stopped still. The children covered with many butterflies, look so beautiful and extraordinary. Kanhai ran towards Maiya and stood there bothered. What type of a problem is this, these butterflies are so adamant, they even came and sat on Maiya’s head and shoulders. What will you do now?

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