How to perform aarti at home?

Arati is a holy ritual that invokes god if done with faith and reverence. Performing Arati has many benefits. It accelerates your spiritual growth.

Bankey Bihari Temple Festivals

Bihar Panchami is Bihariji’s official birthday. On this day, Swami Haridas and Bihari ji’s procession comes from Nidhivan.

History of Bankey Bihari Temple

Once, at the request of his disciples, Swami Haridas with a heart full of emotions sang the bhajan, “Mai ri sahaj jori pragat bhai.”

Bankey Bihari Temple Vrindavan Timings

Externally, it would appear that Sri Bankey Bihari doesn’t have His consort, Sri Radha, by his side. However, Shri Radharani dwells in the deity itself.

Facts about Bankey Bihari Temple

Thousands of devotees flock to the Bankey Bihari temple just to catch a glimpse of the deity.  What is so special about this temple?

Story of sweet Krishna in a fix

What will you do? “Kanu, if you are lost, then what will you do?”- Tok ran to Kanhai. He is curiously interrogating Kanhai, holding his right hand. To you, this question might seem weird or bizarre. It is similar to asking what if the sun is lost in the sky. How can this naughty Braja…

Devotees of Lord Krishna

Lord Krishna is such an all-accepting lord. He doesn’t discriminate on the basis of caste, creed and race. He equally loves all His devotees.

Bhadra helps Krishna in his search

“What are you finding?” When someone bends down and examines the gaps between grasses, one should understand that the person is searching something.

Krishna’s service to holy men

Sometimes even holy men may pass by the forest. Besides they keep visiting the Nanda Bhavan. Baba and Maiya worship them with great reverence and love.

Krishna presses Sakha Bhadra’s feet

Everything has a solution, but for Kanhai, there is no solution. We can never predict when what enters his mind. Kanhai can anytime hold someone’s hand.